Ready for Back to School? Wellness Interns' Inside Scoop: Part Two



What is it really like working at Wellness? Read more about our interns’ experiences with a unique behind-the-scenes perspective!

Interviewer: Carolyn L., Recruitment Intern at Wellness

Carolyn is an incoming junior at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. She’s a double major in marketing and management, with a minor in mass communications. During her time interning at Wellness, she assisted our H.R. and Recruitment teams with employer social media strategy, employer branding and more. She has two pets at home, a dog named Dayley and a cat named Lilly.

Featured Intern:

Kate Uehlinger, Brand Marketing Intern at Wellness

wellness pet food intern
Here's Kate volunteering at MSPCA Nevins Farm

Q. What was your best memory from interning at Wellness?

Besides gaining practical work experiences, it was the opportunity to bond outside the office, like the time we volunteered at MSPCA at Nevins Farm. 

Q. Where do you usually shop for Wellness Pet Food and why? 

Online, I buy everything online— Amazon is my go to. Plus, with a longer commute to and from Boston, I don’t have a ton of time to go shopping in stores.

Q. How will you think differently the next time you shop for pet food after working at Wellness?

I would want to make sure that all the food I’m buying, all the wet food, dry food and treats, create a good diet for my pet. With Wellness products, you know that everything works together well to create that full, healthy diet you are looking for. 

Q. How would you describe Wellness’ culture in three words?

Wellness culture is casual, collaborative and cross-functional. 
The culture is casual because the company consists of a younger group of people. I come from a larger corporate company and with a more personal organization like Wellness, it’s really easy to just pop into someone’s office. 
The culture is collaborative and cross-functional because you work in tandem with lots of other teams. As we worked on Brand Planning for Wellness, we met with departments such as Sales and Finance. And at a smaller office, we work together to make sure everything gets done, which is easy because there are no status issues. 

Q. What is your pet’s favorite Wellness treat? 

Q. What is it really like working at Wellness? 

In all my past jobs, the summer season has been really quiet, but it has been the exact opposite here at Wellness, particularly the month of July as that’s when we start planning for next year!

Q. What are your career goals and how did working at Wellness help you? 

After I graduate from school in May, I want to work as a Brand Manager in a consumer product goods company.  During my time at Wellness, I learned directly from people who have worked as brand managers for years and was able to utilize the concepts I learned in the classroom. 

Q. What Wellness treat would you most likely recommend to a friend?

I would recommend Wellness Soft Puppy Bites Grain-Free Lamb & Salmon because they are great for puppies that need smaller treats. 

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