Ready for Back to School? Wellness Interns' Inside Scoop: Part One



What is it really like working at Wellness? Read more about our interns’ experiences with a unique behind-the-scenes perspective!

Interviewer: Carolyn L., Recruitment Intern at Wellness

Carolyn is an incoming junior at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. She’s a double major in marketing and management, with a minor in mass communications. During her time interning at Wellness, she assisted our H.R. and Recruitment teams with employer social media strategy, employer branding and more. She has two pets at home, a dog named Dayley and a cat named Lilly.

Featured Intern: 

Sam G., Marketing Communications Intern at Wellness

Sam G
Here's Sam with our NEW CORE Bowl Boosters Tender varieties.

Sam Goodwin is an incoming junior at Fairfield University in Fairfield, Connecticut. Sam loves graphic design, Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla Iced Coffee and spending time with his dog, Bentley, a yorkie-poo, who is a huge fan of Wellness and Old Mother Hubbard treats. After college, Sam has career aspirations to work at a pet-friendly company that aligns with his values and passion for marketing communications.

yorkie poo dog

Q. What was your best memory from interning at Wellness?

I would say the Take Your Dog to Work Day in June because I love dogs. It was a lot of fun putting the event together and working to help market the event by creating a dog Snapchat filter. I monitored the Wellness Instagram Live and helped with the event’s giveaway. 

Q. What were you most surprised to learn about working at a pet food company?

The most surprising part about working at a pet food company was seeing the whole process behind the pet food industry from idea to final product on the shelf. From supply chain, marketing, finance and accounting to R&D, there is so much that goes into producing a pet food product that you wouldn’t think of at first. 

Q. Where do you usually shop for Wellness Pet Food and why? 

PetSmart is where I buy my Wellness because the employees are helpful, the displays are nice and full and our food is easy to find. Also, for convenience, there are a ton of PetSmarts near me and if I don’t want to go in store, I buy online at Chewy. 

Q. How will you think differently the next time you shop for pet food after working at Wellness?

I will keep in mind that natural pet food is better for your pet than generic brands because they offer better health benefits. Whenever anyone goes into the treat cabinet at my house, my dog, Bentley, gets really excited when we give him Wellness treats, especially Wellness CORE Pure Rewards Grain-Free Beef Jerky Bites

Q. Can we get a desk tour? 

Sure, I have a lot of Wellness product in my workstation because part of my internship is sending out product to influencers. I also design some graphics for Wellness, which is why I have the color palettes hung up. 
wellness pet food officewellness pet food intern


Q. How would you describe Wellness’ culture in three words?

The culture is welcoming, fun and innovative.

Since I interviewed at Wellness, everyone seemed so welcoming and super helpful when it comes to questions. Because of Wellness’ open door policy, I feel like I can approach people with questions when I have them. Wellness is fun because there are dogs in the office and Take Your Dog to Work Day is a really great time for employees and their families to bond. Finally, Wellness is innovative because its employees care so much about their pets that they want to make the best pet food brand out there even better. 

Q. What is your pet’s favorite Wellness treat? 

Q. What is it really like working at Wellness? 

The Senior Leadership Team always has their doors open and they are very friendly and approachable so you can ask them whatever questions you have. Wellness is also located right on Ames Pond so you can take walks during your lunch break. And, our kitchen is always stocked with Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks iced coffee and a fridge stocked with cheese sticks. Also, I love our Bevi sparkling water machine, which has cool flavors like Watermelon and Cucumber. 

Q. Did you play a role in planning Take Your Dog to Work Day in June? 

Yes, I sat in on many planning meetings and contributed a lot of ideas to the actual day, such as creating a Snapchat filter so people could share their fun times. Also, the day of the event, I monitored the Instagram Live for questions from our awesome consumers. 

Q. What are your career goals and how did working at Wellness help you? 

I would say my career goal is to become VP of Marketing at a company that I share values with. Also, working at Wellness has allowed me to realize that I like working in the consumer goods industry. Overall, I want to work at a pet-friendly, fun company that has a close community where the employees are approachable and open to questions. 

Q. What was the craziest thing that happened during your time at Wellness? 

After our WellPet volunteer day at the MSPCA, my fellow intern Erica went back and adopted a bunny that she met earlier. The bunny, named Kiwi, now lives with her in Boston and loves going on walks around the Boston Common and eating organic lettuce from Whole Foods. 

Interested in joining the WellPet team after learning about Sam’s positive experience? Check out our most recent job openings at to learn about how you can join our team! 

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