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WellPet learned late yesterday, May 9, 2016, that Jet.com was selling WellPet products as well as other leading pet specialty exclusive brands live on its website. Jet.com has not been approved as a retailer by WellPet and has no relationship with us.

Given the popularity of our products, they are sometimes sold by companies like Jet.com who are not authorized to do so. Our food and treats sold by these unauthorized resellers are not purchased from us. We carefully select our retailer partners who provide our customers with the same passion for excellence, high-quality standards and depth of product knowledge that is important to pet parents and us. Remember that WellPet products are only guaranteed when purchased from an authorized pet specialty retailer. Visit our store locator to find an approved Wellness retailer near you.

In order to protect WellPet approved retailers and to ensure that consumers only receive the highest quality WellPet products appropriate for their specific pets’ needs, we continue our commitment to investigate the unauthorized sale of our products. Again, we do not sell directly, nor are our distributors authorized to sell to Jet.com, and we cannot assure the authenticity, quality or condition of any WellPet products that they claim to sell.

We appreciate the continued support of our products and partnership with our customers and will make sure we deliver on our promise of creating innovative, consistently safe, premium-quality natural food and treats for the pets that depend on us.

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Tim Callahan

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